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A Heart Full of Love, a Cup Full of Tea and a Head Full of Dreams...Let's Rock!

Our passion is to help you start your journey into the wonderful world of light. We believe in the sharing of knowledge and helping people attain a less stressful lifestyle ... without quiting their jobs, divorcing their partner, running away from home, or ... you get the picture!

There are a lot of pages to browse, some designed to introduce you to LED Brilliant Light Therapy, others to share dreams, kick back and relax. So let's get started.

About Us ~ two friends, one dream and an awesome device that has enriched our lives and those around us. Our desire for a peaceful lifestyle, good health and rocks led us to the birth of this website.

Why Lights ~ what do they do, how do they work; questions we get all the time. Without getting too technical, this page will give you the bare bones of what and how.

Benefits ~ your body was designed to self-heal. If we can reduce stress, learn to relax, improve circulation and manage pain, our bodies will be well on their way returning to their natural state. You will see some surprising benefits along the way.

In Their Words ~ we can't say enough about the lights, but we'll let our family and friends share their experiences.

Human Performance Technology ~ an affordable, safe, drug free, non-invasive option for enhancing your performance, as well as accelerate natural recovery from injuries and fatique.

Animals Too ~ every living, breathing creature needs light. LED light therapy has been used for over 18 years in the equine community. We also use LED light therapy on our pets.

In Light Wellness Systems™ ~ discover the revitalizing power of light. Systems can be used both professionaly in a clinic and by people at home as part of their continuing therapy or general wellness.

Light Room ~ lighting the way to better health.

Light Events ~ speakers, parties and more.

Research ~ it's a big world out there and lots to learn. This page will break it down for you.

Dreams ~ what if you had your own little corner of the world, a place to gather and be with like minded women, a place to learn, a place to share, a place to be ... You.

Relax - we both enjoy taking pictures so we decided to add music and chill

Light Store - items we create that help us relax and enjoy what life has to offer.

Thank you for stopping by - enjoy your journey.

Contact Us
If you would like more information about LED Light Therapy, want to schedule a session, interested in purchasing a unit or would like us to come speak to your club or organization, please feel free to give us a call at 386.295.5500 or use the form below:



All photos were taken by Marvette and Cat from around our homes or during our travels.

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