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Equine Therapy System This state-of-the-art system has been proven effective with all breeds of horses. The technology has been used on some of the world's most elite equine athletes and is also perfect for any individual's trusted trail horse. The "Equine Light" is very user friendly and is the most effective equine therapy system on the market today. Not one to re-invent the wheel, please visit Infinite Body Balance - they have a very detailed site not only on the Equine System but also LED Lights. We are not partners with Infinite Body Balance, just wanted to share their site as it is packed with information.

Racer Carol using our LED Scanning Unit on Shooter a Certified Therapy Horse. Shooter is wearing our LED Happy Hat during his first experience with LED Light Therapy. This session was conducted during the Purple Cow Festival in Port Orange, FL - there were many adults, children, alpacas, birds of prey in the area...because of the LED Happy Hat Shooter remained calm and was enjoying life.

Avie, Avie, Avie…our little darling, and thanks to the lights Avie is still an important part of our family…this is his story.

We raise English Angora rabbits for their fiber…you know those really, really soft sweaters and socks, yep, they are made from rabbit fur. We had just ventured into the rabbit world and had our first successful breeding (okay, that isn't saying so much since they are rabbits and well rabbits…breed). We had a litter of 10 kits (baby rabbits), one of which had a cute little white dot on his nose and quickly became my husband's favorite, which we named Avie.

When Avie was just over a month old we noticed the other rabbits jumping and laying on him and he was not very active. Upon further investigation we found he had lost the use of both his front and hind legs. In essence, he was paralyzed. After frantic calls to the breeder and two different veterinary offices we found this is very common - these rabbits are very fragile and they "break" very easily, they can become startled, jump and break a bone, usually in their back. Everyone told us we had no option but to put him down - that was something we just could not abide by without exhausting any and every option.

We had previously used the lights on a friend's Abyssinian guinea pig that was found lethargic and extremely dehydrated with awesome results (Gibbs is a very rotund and happy fellow now). I told Kevin (my hubby) that I really wanted to give the lights a try before we had to do anything drastic - yes, he was skeptical but we really had no other viable alternative. I spent that night in my reclining chair with Avie firmly entrenched in my lap. I set my alarm and every four hours I would place Avie on the eye mask and "flip the switch". At the time we had only had our lights for a few months and all the only setting I was familiar with was the 'A' setting. By the second day, Avie raised himself up on his front legs for a short time…I cried. My husband couldn't believe that the lights were actually working!!! I took a dresser drawer, made a little bed for Avie and put him on my desk in front of a picture window so he could get plenty of sunshine. At this point we were still setting the alarm placing him on the lights every four hours.

The afternoon of the third day I went to get Avie for another session and found his box was empty. I went looking for hubby to see if they were having some quiet time together, but he did not have him. I went running back to my office and started searching…he had actually JUMPED out of his makeshift bed onto my desk where I found him on top of my paper shredder…oh happy days! He continued to improve and become more and more active. We kept him on the lights twice a day for a week, then once a day for another week just for good measure.

As you can see from the pictures Avie is a very much alive. A lively and justifiably (according to my hubby) spoiled rabbit who has suffered no permanent damage from his incident. He (and the lights) made a believer out of my husband who also began to use them on a regular basis with great results. Kevin has embraced the light technology to the point where he provides a testimonial (using Avie) at the start of every one of his twice a month educational seminars. We also operate a light room during the seminars allowing potential customers to experience the power of the LED Light Therapy system. Kevin is quick to point out during his seminars that "it's the best and safest way to get lit and then still legally drive home"

Today, having both a native plant nursery and fiber farm, we don't hesitate to use the lights on any of our animals be it dogs, cats, rabbits or livestock. We have seen the lights close wounds and clear infections without the costly visit of a vet.

In Light - Marvette & Kevin Bagwell

Avie one year later - waiting to be groomed

It's a bird, it's a's my platypus dog


Living in the country you never know what the morning will bring...but this was something we were just not of our boys tangled with something...and the sores would just burst and start bleeding.

We had already been treating him for an ear infection so we just added another pad. Caine loves his light therapy, he sees me come outside with the unit and jumps up on his platform - he must know they make him feel better! To add insult to injury, the next day I ran over Caine's leg with the golf cart - I didn't see him and he didn't hear me. I am happy to report that in a matter of days my big boy was back to stalking, running, playing and protecting his property.

An Abyssinian Guinea Pig Named Gibbs
An Abyssinian Guinea Pig Named Gibbs
When we found Gibbs he was laying under a toy, lethargic and dull-eyed. His once beautiful coat was short and coarse. He road home on my lap, not moving or showing any interest in his surroundings. We put him in a cage and gave him a drop or two of vitamin C water, yet he just layed where we put him. Remembered Racer Carol telling us she used the lights on animals with great results. With that in mind...
Much to my hubby's dismay, we surrounded Gibb's cage in Lights. During the first session he actually moved to one of the pads and layed in front of it. After his third session, Gibbs started to nibble on food and take water on his own - he just loves parsley which is packed with vitamin C. My 4-H friends were amazed Gibbs recovered at all. They told us most guinea pigs in his severe condition (poor little guy didn't have a belly at all he was so de-hydrated) would not have made it. Thanks to light therapy Gibbs is running about and his beautiful coat has been restored.
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