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1961 Daytona 500 Victory LaneHaving been a NASCAR Cup race driver for 20 plus years in the 1950's and 60's, I'm accustom to what I consider as daily aches and can tolerate them pretty well. However, back in February of 2012, I severely pulled a muscle in my lower back resulting in some of the worst pain I have ever experienced. Nothing I tried relieved the pain. I went to both my Primary Care Physician and Chiropractor with no relief in pain.I'm 87 years young and set in my ways - I do not take pain medication so that was not an option and I'm not accustomed to just sitting around and taking things easy.

It just so happened that a buddy of mine was in town for the Daytona NASCAR races and told me of a lady he knew that worked with some of the NASCAR pit crews doing something called LED Light Therapy. Since she happed to also be in town for the races, 'Racer Carol' came out to the ranch, lights in hand and proceeded to light me up. Not expecting anything positive from the session (I mean after all, it was just a bunch of lights), I agreed to try the unit for a couple more sessions.

Much to my amazement, the pain in my back immediately eased from excruciating to manageable. Not understanding the whys and wherefores, I continued to use the lights and by the third day, the pain in my lower back was gone - just by slapping on some lights?!? At the same time I starting to realize that a lot my "normal" aches and pains seemed to be gone … incredible. However, once "cured" and also being set in my ways, the lights and their wonderful results faded from my memory and I didn't give them another thought until…

Later that summer I was on a trip out west for the NASCAR West Coast Hall of Fame and had numerous appearances that I was committed to make. Unfortunately I caught a cold on the way out to California and it quickly turned into a bronchitis / sinusitis condition. I took some over-the-counter medicine and saw a local doctor but didn't get any better. The weather was miserable, I was miserable (which meant everyone around me was miserable) and I still had press interviews and autograph sessions that had to get done. I fulfilled my obligations and realized that I wasn't getting any better.

Remembering the "magic lights" I called my daughter and asked her if she thought "the lights" would help- she told me to get back home and we would find out. Instead of heading to North Carolina (my summer hangout), I drove back to Florida. Once home I scheduled an appointment for a chest x-ray but the quickest my doctor could see me was a week away. My daughter, who has purchased a set of lights for her family, "lit me up" and I went back under the lights for two sessions a day. By the third day I was out and about and feeling much better.

After a week of using the lights twice a day I went to my scheduled doctor appointment and his words to me were, "I don't know why you're here and why you would want a chest x-ray - I don't see anything wrong with you". I was sold, went home and asked my daughter if she could get me a set of lights - I'm not really sure how they work, I just know they do.Life on the Road

I live and travel in my RV and visit a lot of racing events. Being around a lot of people, I'm constantly exposed to a lot of germs. Since travelling with my lights I have had no more problems with colds and bronchitis. Not only that, my daily aches and pains have again disappeared. I find that I am walking more, have more energy and my friends say I have never looked better…personally I think they need glasses but I guess I'll give the credit to the LED Light Therapy system.

-Marvin Panch, 1961 Daytona 500 Champion, 1966 Charlotte World 600 Winner
Voted one of NASCARs 50 Greatest Drivers

Marvin Panch Stats

One of our clients felt so deeply about his light experience that he wrote a poem.

We were at a loss for words, but thank goodness Tom wasn't! We can't thank him enough, this means so much to us we would like to share it with you. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Click here to read.

A couple years ago I injured my knees in a bicycle accident that caused damage to nerves and caused muscles to tighten around the knee. I went to physical therapy and stretched all the time but it was never enough. The muscles continued to tighten up and occasionally go numb if I sat or layed down in the wrong position.

Then I met Cat who, after we got to talking, mentioned that she does "quantum light therapy". I wanted to try anything at that point because I've always been in great physical shape and having this injury bothers me. I've done about half a dozen sessions with the lights and can already feel the muscles starting to loosen up and a reduction in
overall pain.

This is a huge step in the right direction as I've been dealing with this injury for almost two years now and I'm ecstatic to see and feel the positive results from the lights. If you have any issues with nerve, muscle, and/or joint pain, I suggest giving the lights a whirl. It could be what you've been looking for all along. - Eric Rich, October 2012

Recently, I had the misfortune of dropping a large metal object on top of one of my feet cutting two large gashes and severely bruising the entire top of my foot. Being self-employed and without viable medical insurance, I was looking at least three to four weeks of down time being unable to walk. After using the Lights, I was amazed to see that the wounds had basically healed within three days and I was back wearing sport shoes in less than a week. I estimate that the light therapy reduced my recovery a good two to three weeks and was back working the first week. Intrigued by the results, I started using the light therapy on the daily, chronic pain in my knees and ankles (due to past injuries). By using this system on a regular basis, the light therapy has successfully reduced the amount of pain. The lights have migrated from a "use when injured" state to more of a preventative / maintenance daily routine. I highly recommend that people give this unit a chance - it's done wonders for me. -Kevin Bagwell, April 2012

Spider bite

After being bit by a spider and having surgery on my arm, the recovery was slow. So on April 15, 2012 I started doing the light treatment on my arm, given to me by Cat. It only took 20 minutes and what a difference! My open wound started to heal overnight. I received four additional treatments and now my wound is closed and I have full mobility of my arm again. It was amazing how fast it worked. James Terry

James was in the hospital for approximately 4 weeks during which he underwent surgery. He went home with heavy doses of antibiotics and the wound was still open and swollen with infection, as you can see in Day 1 photo. After only a week and five 20 minute treatments, James was able to go back to work and get back to his normal lifestyle.

When first introduced to the lights, I am really not sure what I thought, I had no understanding of any principle or connection with the universe and what these lights could do. The Lord said "Let there be light" He said it and it came. And without it we wouldn't be here. We know what the sun does for us, yet not as many that should, actually step into the benefit.

To please my wife, I tried them, day 1-I didn't know what to expect and didn't feel doing anything once would be much of a benefit. I sleep at 45 minute to 1 hour intervals, that first night after going to bed at 10:30 I woke about 3 times prior to 1 am. After that the next time I woke up it was 5:30 am. Completely rested and With energy!

Construction, martial arts, and surfing have been my lively hood, exercise, and relaxation for about as long as I can remember. At 62 it seems those activities were catching up to me fast. From sore shoulder muscles, chronic elbow problems, knee replacement, just the average person. Three months ago, I couldn't use my left arm to pour coffee or lift a gallon of milk. This was a 5 week problem that was getting in the way of work, there was no play, I couldn't lift it past my waist. After 4 sessions with light therapy techniques my elbow was back to normal (NO PAIN PERIOD, AND THERE IS STILL NO PAIN PERIOD) .

This control panel has 24 settings that I know of, and actually with the different pads there are other settings, all with its own unique outcome depending on what you are trying to achieve, and I still am not sure…..What I am sure of is I don't take any more pain killers, my elbow and knees don't hurt anymore, and it's been 12 years since I have continually sleep through the night and woke up with this much energy.

The spiritual, happiest, wealthiest, and healthiest folks in the world spend time in the light, without it we don't survive. - Tim McDaniel, 2012

Before my daughter introduced me to light therapy, I had trouble with my back - it was painful to sweep the floor or raking the yard. I also have arthritis in my knees and fingers. I took several treatments and now I feel like a new person - no more pain, I feel great and I am more energetic. - Mrs Patricia Smith, August 2012

Auto Accident
What a difference a few days make - what a beautiful smile.

Because of an accident, Ashley was experiencing depression and insomnia. After two light therapy sessions she was able to sleep through the night and her beautiful smile returned.

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